A Message

I recently experienced contact with someone who I used to know. This person I care about very dearly and all though in the times we spent together they could have made a better decision. I will leave it as that. I still have massive respect for them strangely and forgive them and also wish that they handle situations better next time.

I don’t believe in good or bad people I just believe in good or bad choices. And with our choices are lessons, so if you make the wrong choice learn from it. There will be another chance.

On a personal note I want to remind everyone that it’s okay to have hope but you should trust your gut and act on it. Deep down you will know if something is meant to be or not.

If your gut says yes then go for it don’t allow your stubbornness or ego get in the way, life is short. Show the people you care about that they do matter. No one is going to stay in a place where they don’t feel valued.

Pale x