We often think those who are elder than us are wise. Which they are. But we tend to ignore some of the elderly’s faults. Such as their racism, ignorance, arrogance and their narrow minds.

There’s a lot we can learn from the elderly. But they do not know everything, nor are they right about everything. We must remember that they are brought up in a different generation to ours and will therefore have different morals and levels of acceptance. This is universal.

Yes we can learn and listen to some things. But don’t follow them or their ideals blindly. You will be surprised to see how many of their beliefs actually lack common sense, and you will also be surprised to see how much of their wisdom makes sense and can still be applied to this day and age.

Respect is the first thing that should be in every relationship. Take what you want from their wisdom and don’t be afraid to question their ways. They can also learn lessons from the youth.

Pale x